Christmas season

As we enter into the wonderful Christmas season, The real sense that I have is to give. As I have been so wonderfully blessed, it is easy to see the needs of others. We sometimes look at those less fortunate or just flat out hurting, we think that $$ will fix the problem. I have learned just the opposite. Yes, they have physical needs, but the real need is emotional. Myself and 2 friends have been going to the Oceanside Pier on Thursday nights for about 8 months. Haven’t missed a Thursday. At least one of us shows up every time. We cook brats and sausages and look and see who might be hungry. We are learning that just being faithful and caring does so much. There are 4-6 guys who regularly show up and are so happy to see and talk to us. Yes they are hungry and we have food and drinks, but the real need is companionship. At first they would eat and leave, now we talk for 2-3 hours. I encourage those of you reading this to join us , or better yet, get a couple of friends and do something for someone who is lonely. Be consistent, don’t give up. It will blow you away how life will have a different view. I know, I will never be the same. Can’t wait until Thursday gets here.